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  • Intellectual Property Prosecution

    The MOA's experts provide a full range of comprehensive services from a new operator that plans a new business to large companies which wish to expand their businesses overseas based on deep and broad knowledge of both laws and technologies, and years of experience in the largest Law firms and industrial companies in Korea, so that intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, and designs can be protected in all stages of conception, filing, registration, commercialization and exercise of rights.

  • Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution

    The MOA's experts are involved in various types of dispute cases, such as infringement of trade secrets, and unfair trade practice investigations by the Trade Commission, as well as typical intellectual property dispute cases such as patent infringement lawsuits, provisional injunction applications, invalidity trials, cancellation trials, rights scope check trials, etc. Based on these experiences, the MOA provides professional services to smoothly resolute intellectual property disputes of clients.

  • Strategic Advisory Services

    The MOA's experts create valuable intellectual properties of the client, establish product development strategies to avoid intellectual property disputes in advance, and demonstrate expertise in technology transfer and licensing agreement.

  • Patent Trend Survey and Patent Map Preparation

    The MOA's experts have extensive experience in surveying patent trends and preparing patent maps related to intellectual property rights to support small and medium-sized companies (enterprises) and venture companies in Korea. In particular, the MOA is making every effort to follow-up management so that the results of the patent trend survey and patent mapping can actually be helpful to the small and medium-sized companies (enterprises) and venture companies.